Halcyon Days

The word can be traced to the Greek goddess of the sea, Alcyone. In time “halcyon” became synonymous with the kingfisher, fabled to have the power to calm the winds and… More

Virtual Acoustic Reality

On a wintry day in 1870, QueenVictoria paid a visit to a colossal auditorium then nearing completion in the South Kensington area of London. Nearly ten times the size of the… More

In-Wall Speaker Test, Part 3

Subjecting 20 putatively “high-end” in-wall speakers to the same performance standards used to judge conventional in-room speakers proved to be something of a novel idea back in the February and March ’96 issues. The… More

In-Wall Speaker Test, Part 2

Within the audio industry, but especially on the sales floor, getting an in-wall speaker to sound competitive with a conventional freestanding speaker is seen as a task somewhere between an uphill battle… More

In-Wall Speaker Test, Part 1

  The low sonic standards to which in-walls are routinely held is something of a puzzle: One would think that the entry of such hi-fi icons as KEF, B&W, Apogee and… More