Hahn Theater

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"How does one design a theater that provides this all-encompassing experience? Hire Keith Yates!

By having Keith design my theater, I can completely control the presentation to make sure the film is presented properly. We recently screened West Side Story for friends, and most had never seen it on a big screen. They were awe-struck.

Every one of my guests starts rattling off dozens of movies they want to see now ‘for the first time’ (whether they’ve previously seen it or not). Thanks to Keith, his team, and all the people from The Projection room and Davenport Contracting for helping me realize my dream."

- Rob Hahn


to my KYD team members most involved in the project: Andrew Steele, Remi Audfray and Bob Markham (engineering); Kyle Cramer (CAD); and Mike Moore (construction administration);

to Rick Koch, his son Gill, and Bob Cebulski of Davenport, whose collective trust and dedication to “getting it right” were an inspiration to everyone involved; and

to Geoff Franklin and his team at The Projection Room for his care and attention to entire Project.

- Keith Yates


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