Virtual Acoustic Reality

On a wintry day in 1870, QueenVictoria paid a visit to a colossal auditorium then nearing completion in the South Kensington area of London. Nearly ten times the size of the… More

In-Wall Speaker Test, Part 3

Subjecting 20 putatively “high-end” in-wall speakers to the same performance standards used to judge conventional in-room speakers proved to be something of a novel idea back in the February and March ’96 issues. The… More

In-Wall Speaker Test, Part 2

Within the audio industry, but especially on the sales floor, getting an in-wall speaker to sound competitive with a conventional freestanding speaker is seen as a task somewhere between an uphill battle… More

In-Wall Speaker Test, Part 1

  The low sonic standards to which in-walls are routinely held is something of a puzzle: One would think that the entry of such hi-fi icons as KEF, B&W, Apogee and… More