Cinema at the Edge

I’m writing this from a hotel room in northern Italy, where Hanne and I have been getting some fresh mountain air and I’ve been thinking about the Black Label project… More

Diversion vs. Immersion

I’m writing this from seat 40A on the flight from Munich to Washington Dulles, and after looking out the window and thumbing through the in-flight magazine, I mulled whether a… More

Are Audiophiles Music Lovers?

That’s how I led off a piece for Stereophile a few years back (Vol.11 No.4, p.58). Live, unamplified music–the sine qua non, the benchmark, the mantra, no? Most of us desperately want to believe… More

A Matter of Diffusion

Like many Stereophile readers, I have often sped home from a concert to fire up the audio system and then, to the sore vexation of my wife and guests, spent the rest of the… More